The garden is probably the most popular space in the summer. With beautiful garden furniture and the right accessories you have turned it into a true paradise. Only that huge stump is still an eyesore. Recognizable? Removing a tree stump is a big job, but offers many advantages. We list those benefits – and all the other things you want to know before you start.

This is why people choose to remove a tree stump
Do you want to remove a tree stump? Then the felling of the tree precedes this. This may have happened because the tree was rotten or because it was taking up too much space. Anyway, you’re left with that stump. A few reasons why people often remove the stump (or have it removed).

If you felled the tree because it took up too much space, that problem is not gone. Removing the stump is a logical next step. Only then do you actually have more space on the ground.
A rotting tree naturally also has a rotting trunk. The longer you leave it on, the greater the chance that pests will come to it. And that results in unpleasant odors that you would rather not want in your garden.
If you leave a stump in the ground, fungi will penetrate it faster. This will damage the soil around the tree and eventually all vegetation will leave your garden.

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